We produce every sheet of seasoned seaweed honestly, with the thought of our family eating it.
Company that produces honestly

Gwangcheon Trading Corporation is a company that strives to lead consumers to a healthy lifestyle by supplying only honest and good products.
Therefore, we are producing every sheet of the seasoned seaweed honestly, with the thought of our family eating it.
By purchasing raw seaweed grown in the clean waters of the West Sea of Korea, we provide natural taste, odor, color, and nutrition.
We will continue to do research and work hard, so that you feel proud of eating the best seasoned seaweed when eating our products and maintain the reputation of ‘Gwangcheon seasoned seaweed is the best’.

Thank you.

Ingredients from the clean West Sea

Gwangcheon seasoned seaweed uses only raw seaweed from the clean sea of the West Sea, which is an optimal environment for seaweed cultivation. The seaweed grown in the mud fields of the west coast, where the difference between the tides is large, boasts nutrition and unique flavor and odor that cannot be compared with seaweed from other regions.

A process that combines the traditional method with the latest technology

Keeping it fresh

we are conveying a laver own flavor which is unparalleled with other lavers. After bringing the best laver origins of west coast during December to February, we keep them in a freezer at –20℃ and as soon as we roast them, we are always trying to provide consumers with the fresh flavor and nutrition.

Sincerity for the family

Seasoned seaweed is a collaboration between human and nature that requires much effort to make each piece. Gwangcheon seasoned seaweed is a luxury seasoned seaweed, that is made with the thought of ‘My family will eat it’.